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"Citizen Clinton
(and other political parodies)"

is a collection of screenplays and skits that re-imagines classic movies and television, to include our nation's current crop of political celebrities.

The collection includes the feature-length movie parodies listed below:
(click on a title to read a free preview)

Citizen Clinton
Like Charles Foster Kane, "Citizen Clinton" rose from humble beginnings to become one of the most powerful men in the world. Will the meaning of Clinton's last word reveal much about his character (or lack thereof)? Follow the quest of a lonely journalist, as he seeks out those who knew the deceased president best, to try to reveal the significance of "Rosebush"...

The Silence of the Sheep
Somebody is kidnapping and brainwashing young Washington conservatives. Clarise is desperate to find the madman, but will the price be too high? History's most dangerous political manipulator may be able to help, but is Bill Clinton just looking to get inside her young, female mind? Will "The Lovable Rogue" help Clarise catch "Mr. Maytag" in time? And what will happen if the former president is allowed to leave the insane asylum, even under heavily-armed guard? The answers are spelled out in the almost scary, "Silence of the Sheep"...

The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Politics
"The Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World of Politics" follows the single-day, epic quest of a gaggle of politicians, as they race to find the motherlode of buried campaign finance funds. Who will get there first? What madcap misadventures must they endure to succeed? Who could recreate the angry, slow rage of Jonathan Winters better than Pat Buchanan? And who but Hillary Clinton could possibly mimic the horrific, vocal bombast of the monstrous Ethel Merman?

Also included are these skit-length parodies:
(click on a title to read a free preview)

Hannity & Colmes
Hannity & Colmes - The Sequel
The Odd Couple
James Carville - The E! True Washington Story
My Political Awakening at a Baldwin Fundraiser
Bill Clinton on Howard Stern
Bill Clinton on Howard Stern - The Sequel

As a bonus for visiting this web site, enjoy the entire version of these newer parodies, not included in the book:

It All Began (Unfortunately) in a Place Called Hope
Hannity & Colmes III

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